Round 9

This Week we played “Mr. Sparkle” who were 4th on  the ladder and with a percentage second only to US!
With a 10.15pm cup eve game we had a BIG problem with seven (7) of our ten (10) man squad who were unavailable to playdue to the ‘long weekend’ they were scattered across the nation.

With our three (3) remaining players Jordy, Illy & Matt Coy some urgent recruiting was desperately needed! In stepped Tony Coutts aka T.C  (the clubs very own Barperson) and Daniel Jones (aka Straughnie) to make up the five thus requiring no subs for the game.

With BIG Jordy acting as acting captain we took to the court with our improvised team of players, Illy in his first game in many weeks up front with Matty and T.C ,with Jordy and DJ down back we began well, Very well indeed!
In fact 12-0 after only 8 minutes courtesy of GREAT team play and Illy showing Dazzling form first up hitting ‘3 pointers’ at will and therefore dominating ALL over the court!

Our defence was very tight Jordy Ruled the air and imposed himself with severe frontal aggression with “Mr. Sparkle” hitting Two (2) late basket scores.
at half time the score was 18-4.
Illy 9 points
Matty 5 points

Second half we just kept going where we left it, Matty Coy steeping up with one of his best games yet controlling the front with Illy.
Jordy was outstanding rebounding and driving he was EVERYWHERE! T.C. and Straughnie both provided outstanding efforts they rocked in defence and just never stopped running.

Final Score: 42-15

GREAT effort guys!

Points by player:
Illy; 21
Matty; 9
Jordy; 6
T.C.; 4
D.J.; 2

Best on court: Illy, Jordy, Matty, T.C. D.J.,

See you ALL next week at 10.15pm