Round 4

The last week of the grading games is up against Sonics 22. A big welcome to Andrew Armstrong who has now joined us. Out of the blocks very fast, we got got up by 20 points before the Sonics got a basket on the board. The defence was at a premium and at half time the score was 26 - 8. Kinga got off to a flyer with 13 points, Coy 4, Junior Sculls, Andy and Bloomy all on 3 points.

The second half started with Jordy getting his first points for the game and straight away his 5th foul for punching the ball away, it was bit ruff way to finish out the game and now were are back to 5 players. Ashwood continued to run but the shooting was a bit off the mark, with tired legs. The exclamation point for the game was Bloomy's big block, that rocketed the ball out of court. The lead stayed the same as half time for a 42 - 24 win.

Coyfish went coast to coast on a couple of a occasions showing his versatility and what things are to come for the season. Scully controlled the pace of the game, getting steals and setting up fast breaks. Andy was awesome in his first game for the club, finished with 7 points and will be great addition to the club. Bloomy has hit a 3 in ever game he has played, spreading the opposition defence and he was pivotal part of the defence. Kinga got a heap of scoring in the first half, he had allot of shots in the second for very little result. Jordy was important down low on defence, most of the other teams scoring was while he wasn't on the court, a bit unlucky with some of the fouls.

We have been moved up a division to E grade with our great start to the year, expect big things ahead.

MATT COY        8
TOM BLOOM        5

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