Round 13

We knew this week was going to be challenging with the HAGIZ IN DA HIZAY looking to knock us off and we end up with only 5 after late withdrawls. The game started off basket for basket, keeping the scores very close. 4 of our players all on the board early to give and give a confedence boost. The Hagiz then went on a 8 point to get out to a 6 point lead, things didn't look promising with Big Scully getting ordered to the bench for 5 minutes with a Tech foul. Jordy stepped up his scoring and our defence struggled hard get us back within 1 point at the half, 14 - 13.

First posession of the Second half, they get a tech foul so the scores are even and we have our 5 players back on the court. Jordy continued his scoring ways and we get out to 5 point lead before disaster struck, Scully got called for a second tech foul for telling the umpire "Jordy is f***in hurt" after hard contest under the basket, the umpires over reacted badly on this call. It inspired us to keep going and we got out to a 9 point lead with 7 minutes to go. We kept trying, they pressed hard and with 2 subs we couldn't keep onto the lead, they got us in the last minute 27 - 30.

Burls was huge on the rebounding and keep up preasure on defence, Junior Scully was in control of ball getting up the court and did an awesome job of it. Jordy, dominated, was unlucky to get his 5th foul with 20 seconds left. Big Scully was important in the key and was were unlucky, Kinga kept trying but it wasn't his night.

Next weeks game is at 10:15pm against Solway.


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Junior Scully

Thanks heaps to the boys who came and supported us, good work Vegas and Fluffy.