Round 12

A surprise change in the draw this week with the inclusion of a new team AJAJAJAL'S, the Sleeping Giants move down a division. Not having a sub and the opposition having 2 seated, the heat in the stadium could have a say in the result. Jordy started off huge, dominating the paint and we get off to a quick 10 point lead.  AJAJAJAL's came back just before the half to be back within 5 points, the score 17 - 12. Jordy on 9, Scully, Bloomy on 3 and Coy with a single basket.

The second half, we stepped it up and coasted to an easy win. We only got challenged once with the AJAJAJAL's hitting w big 3's and a jump shot to get back within 6. The defence stepped up at that point and they only scored one free throw for the rest of the game.

Jordy had an awesome game scoring 14 points, Junior Scully driving well for his 9 points, Bloomy and Coy settled for a couple of nice shots each to end with 5 and points respectively. Kinga turned up and played the whole 36 minutes for the stats of 1 foul.

Next week is our biggest challenger this year, HAGIZ IN DA HIZAY, they got out to a big lead on us, for us to comeback helped by fouls. This time we want to walk away knowing we are better than them.

Matt Coy 4

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Junior Scully